Because I Wanted Some

I felt like lemon cupcake so I made myself some!

Fresh out of the oven!

Soft, fluffy and lemony...

There were fresh, beautiful berries in my fridge as well as Rachel’s Organic Vanilla Yogurt. I made a blueberry sauce, arranged a pretty plate, ate it and was happy.


Gg’s Baked Lemon Snapper

This is a great way to cook most seafood and maybe even chicken and some vegetables (asparagus?). The slight sweet tang of the sticky lemon glaze goes from dessert topping to delicious flavouring when paired with smoked sea salt and pepper; especially when it gets slightly caramelised in the oven.

Gg’s Sticky Lemon Glaze Recipe



  1. Combine lemon juice and icing sugar. Stir to incorporate.
  2. Microwave for 30 seconds.


Gg’s Baked Lemon Snapper Recipe:
(serves 2)


  • 2 Snapper fillets
  • olive oil
  • sticky lemon glaze or juice of ½ lemon
  • smoked sea salt (to taste)
  • pepper (to taste)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degree Celsius.
  2. Place snapper fillets on baking paper.
  3. Brush on a thin coat of sticky lemon glaze, season with smoked sea salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.
  4. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes depending on the thickness of the snapper.

Gg’s Lemon Broccolini

Simple. Good and healthy. Add a sprinkle of chilli flakes for a little spice.

Gg’s Lemon Broccolini Recipe:
(serves 2)


  • 2 packets broccolini (steamed till cooked yet crisp, refreshed in cold water, spin dry)
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • garlic salt (to taste)
  • pepper (to taste)


  1. Add butter and oil to a medium pan and heat over medium heat.
  2. Add broccolini and lemon juice to pan once butter melts.
  3. Toss and let broccolini brown a little.
  4. Season and serve.

Oh My Tart…

Lemon Buttercream is SOOOOOO nommy!

Much as I was over the moon with how well my Vanilla-la-la cupcake turned out, it is a cupcake that needs frosting. The great thing about a vanilla cupcake is that it is so generic, there isn’t anything you cannot top it with.

A pink vanilla buttercream with sprinkles seems to be the de rigueur frosting for vanilla cupcake. Vanilla on vanilla? I love pink but, boring much?

I had some of the sticky lemon glaze left over from my lemon cupcakes a.k.a. The Tart and lots of lemons Lemon buttercream anyone?

Lemon buttercrea…Mmmm is my new love. I whipped it till it was creamy, smooth and stiff. Imagine if you can, a burst of lemon sunshine in a cloud.

Since sprinkles are called for, I decided on my Waitrose silver pearls. I love Waitrose’s products!!! I would love to have every single Waitrose product there is… Their products are packaged in such a way that although simple is so appealing; and they really pay attention to what they create. QC Baby!

Such adorable captions

Pretty as it was, the duckling yellow dotted with bits of silver lacked a little contrast in colour. I guiltily remembered the punnet of raspberries I’d finished earlier in the day for a snack. How lovely would a luscious red raspberry look atop that little swirly hill of lemon buttercream…? My blueberries will have to do instead.

Can you spot the bits of lemon zest in the buttercream?

Although they weren’t the burst of colour I had intended, they are still pretty, aren’t they?

Tart Me Up!

If life throws you a lemon – make lemonade.Joan Collins

I’d rather make a lemon cupcake, thank you very much!

I am a compulsive lemon hoarder. I always have them sitting in a bowl on the dining table. Every week I buy more lemons regardless of whether I have finished using those already there.

Two pomegranates join my lemons this week

That being said, I did make a lemon cupcake and it is my new favourite cupcake flavour.

This cupcake was initially created for my DCM who touted my Pinkalicious cupcake his favourite because it was fruity. The moment he said that, my mind started whirring. Honey, lemon and yogurt came to mind. Honey and lemon always go well together; and yogurt with honey is something I adore. I began researching.

There are a lot of posts on Ina Garten’s Lemon Yogurt Cake but I didn’t like that you made a somewhat boring-ish cake and then poured lemon syrup over it. I wanted a cupcake that was lemony on its own. All other recipes used lemon extract or only the tiniest amount of lemon juice and zest. No one seemed to share my sentiment on the inclusion of honey.

Once again, I had to make up my own recipe. I zested and squeezed lemons. I incorporated honey. I used fewer eggs. I added organic vanilla yogurt (It’s expensive but totally worth it). This was turning into a pretty healthy recipe. I made up the batter and crossed my fingers.

I’ve discovered cakes are shy. I used to sit there and watch them bake because I was so eager to see what would happen. They do not rise nicely. Now, I set the timer and wash up or get out of the kitchen and blog or research recipes. And when the timer rings, I calmly (lots of control) walk to the kitchen. They get bold while I’m gone. I like. Anyway, back to my lemon, honey and yogurt cupcakes.

I had no idea what to expect as this was a completely made up recipe. I was so tempted to peek. I held back. Then the moment of truth. They’d risen but not that much. I hadn’t expected them to on account that there was quite a lot of liquid in the batter.

I also knew not to expect the very slightly crumbly, fluffy texture that I love. They were a lovely pale yellow, slightly sweet and very lemony! The texture was denser but moist and almost cheesecake-like. I had one and then another one and then reached out for a third. I stopped myself. Three cupcakes in a row is a no-no even if they are healthier.

I was in love. I will say it. These are my favourite cupcakes! I love them more than my perfect chocolate and strawberry. I LOVE THEM! I love the insanely addictive lemon perfume that permeated the apartment and lingered in the kitchen till the next day. I love when I bite into a bit of lemon zest. I love. I love. I love.

I wasn’t in the mood for frosting so I made a sticky lemon glaze to drizzle over the cupcakes. The zing factor went up a notch and I fell a little more in love.

I gave a few to my DCM’s colleagues and saved the rest. They kept really well in the fridge so I had them for breakfast everyday till they were gone. My DCM wasn’t much in the mood for sweets that week until the weekend when he finally tried my lemon loves. Then he finished the three on my plate… I had only two bites… Pinkalicious is still his favourite cupcake by the way. He says it is fruitier. I think it’s a laugh that someone so averse to pink should have a very pink cupcake as his favourite!

We packed up the last two for his cupcake-loving friend and his girlfriend who were picking us up to go wakeboarding (I do not wakeboard, I just go and take up space on the boat). The cupcakes were eaten immediately and approval was given.

I need to make these again real soon. I finally understand the obsession some have with lemon desserts. I want to make more lemon flavoured sweets! I’m thinking lemon and ricotta…