Get Eggcited!!!

There’s something about a poached egg that is so posh. Don’t you think? Poached eggs equate Eggs Benedict, which ranks amongst the top three of my best brekkie list. I can’t decide if I prefer scrambled over poached yet since I do both very well. Scrambled is easier to whip up only because I do not have to be as fussed about the freshness of the eggs used. Of course I only use the freshest eggs I can find but it is impossible to get still-warm-from-a-hen’s-bum-type fresh since I do not own chickens. And in my opinion, that type of fresh is the type of fresh that yields the ideal poached egg.

Making poached eggs is actually really easy so long as the eggs are very, very fresh. It’s the sort of fresh where the white is thick and clings tight to a perky yolk. These days, I only manage to source fresh eggs which although still cling to the yolk; do so with less fervour and spread out more.

The epitome of a really, really fresh egg

I was discouraged for awhile but My DCM & I adore poached eggs so much and you know how much I strive to pander to my DCM. Hence, I devised a method which although requires clingfilm and more effort, allows me to get away with using the sort of eggs I grudgingly have to settle for. See recipe here.

Gg's Eggs Benedict

Such a pretty plate!

Marks & Spencer sells soft and springy muffins which when spread with mayonnaise and toasted makes the perfect base for Eggs Benedict. I also bought some delicious Danish smoked salmon, pretty baby greens and Maille Hollandaise sauce. Yes I cheated with the Hollandaise… I promise I will make it from scratch one day very soon but until then, Maille makes very good bottled Hollandaise and I love their mustards too.

I love that it's thick-cut

Bottled but good.

My DCM was impressed with the presentation and loved his Eggs Benedict. Always remember it’s very important to plate your dishes as aesthetically as you can. Food should always look as good as it taste. I wish I had more interesting plates and serving dishes as well as a more artistic flair… But I make do with what I have now to always present as pretty a plate as I can muster to my DCM.

Make some Eggs Benedict using my fool proof method for that special someone over the weekend to brighten up their morning. Cooking is loving!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amrita
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 06:31:13

    That is a pretty breakfast plate, indeed!


  2. Ggerri
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 10:06:29

    Thank you Ami!


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