Get Me In The Mood For Christmas

A little before Christmas, I wanted to bake something to get in the mood of Christmas. My BESTEST BEST FRIEND in the whole world, Bao-sie said orange and cranberries!

Orange and cranberries is a combination I’ve come across many times yet never paid attention to. And yes, it is an extremely Christmasy flavour pairing. I gave it a go and just the process of baking these orange and cranberry cupcakes put me in a huge Christmas mood.

Soft, fluffy and moist...

I loved them. Orange is a lovely flavour for a cupcake. I found dried cranberries infused with orange flavour which were a perfect complement. I would have made a cream cheese frosting to go with these but I didn’t have the time and they were really lovely on their own.

I gave some to my parents who really liked them. The Mumsy even called just to tell me they were good! Huge compliment! The father liked them plenty too.

I gave a few to my Japanese neighbours who have the most adorable little girl (I adore!) . The lady (I do not know her name) said her little girl loved them and she ate most of the cupcakes. The Japanese are such polite people. She returned the box to me with a note and a little packet of Godiva chocolates!

My DCM doesn’t like cranberries in cupcakes but liked the orange cake. One out of two is good enough I guess.

The only thing I will do differently next time I make these will be to taste the orange juice before deciding on the amount of sugar to use as these oranges were sweet and that coupled with the sugar from the cranberries made the cupcakes lean a little more to the sweet side.

I think orange cupcakes with lemon buttercream will be divine…

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