Hotdogs & Enchiladas For Danish Boys

My DCM’s friends wanted hotdogs too when they learned I’d made him hotdogs for dinner (T’was A ‘Hotdogs & Salad’ Kinda Day) so I offered to make them some over the weekend. Danish boys seem to love hotdogs.

I’m not going to expound on hotdogs here as I’ve already done so in T’was A ‘Hotdogs & Salad’ Kinda Day.

Prior to plans for making hotdogs, I was initially going to make some Mexican for my DCM and since I was sure that hotdogs alone would not be enough to feed hungry Danish boys, enchiladas would accompany hotdogs on our dinner table.

My sour cream looks blue here...

My DCM loves Mexican. And what my DCM enjoys eating, he gets. I’ve only made variations of burritos and quesadillas as well as chilli con carne so far. Enchiladas are something I’ve been meaning to make for some time now but they’ve somehow always eluded me. I am glad that spell is broken.

Enchiladas are not difficult to make; just a little messy and more work . Purists will want to hail stones at me but I think they can be anything you would like them to be. Living in Singapore it’s not easy to find traditional Mexican produce. Ancho chillies and all the good Mexican stuff are not readily available on supermarket shelves. Some of the canned and bottled stuff I’m wary of so I made the best with what i could and didn’t do a traditional Enchilada. I did them Gg=style! We had also been out all afternoon so I was a little knackered (especially after walking home from GWC carrying heavy groceries since we didn’t want to wait in a long line for a cab when our apartment is only walking distance away). I wanted to cook something that was easy, fast yet good. And it was very good as well as stress-free. Get recipe here.

I will do my best to attempt a more traditional version one day soon. No promises though. My version is too easy and delicious.

It was an extremely satisfying and filling dinner. Everyone was happy and full. Danish boys really do love hotdogs.

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