Get It Right

I mentioned that the chocolate cupcakes I made in Cupcakes For Caroline were not as chocolatey as my perfect chocolate cupcakes were so I had to bake a batch to make sure that I got them right the next time I made them proper.

Fresh out of the oven!
I wish you could smell these…

I tweaked the recipe a little and add lots for chocolate. Phew… I still got it. They are actually a little better than the original perfect chocolate cupcakes as they formed more beautifully. I also realised that my oven temperature is probably a little on the high side as the cupcakes cracked a little on the tops.

Slightly cracked but still beautiful

I think it’s important to experiment and practise to make sure things are either in tip-top condition or can be improved. Especially for a novice baker like me. I am definitely looking forward to making chocolate cupcakes again. I think I will very soon…

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