My DCM’s Birthday White Russian Cupcakess

Being an aspiring cupcake baker, it seemed only fitting that I bake my DCM some cupcakes for his birthday. However, like I’d mentioned in The Danish Croque-madame, my DCM is no sugar lover although he has always been very supportive of my baking. I had to come up with a cupcake that would entice my anti-sweets Sweetie. This was a tough one.

After finally deciding on a coffee cupcake with cream cheese frosting, I found myself thinking of my DCM’s favourite drink, the White Russian. If he likes it as a drink, he probably wouldn’t mind a cake version right? Since I make a damn good White Russian cocktail, I should be able to make a good White Russian cupcake…? I’d made Coffee Kahlúa cupcakes before so I reckon same difference. Just tweak it so there’s less coffee and add vodka? For an added kick, I might just brush a little extra Kahlúa on the cupcakes the moment they come out of the oven. How naughty!

I decided on a Bailey’s cream cheese frosting and went searching for something to decorate the cupcakes. I stumbled upon a long-forgotten childhood snack, Glico’s Collon! It’s a crispy biscuit tube with different-flavoured cream fillings. Weird name, good taste. Japanese… Go figure. I chose cream and chocolate to go with the White Russian cupcakes.

The White Russian cupcakes turned out to be a success! My DCM ate three! That’s a lot where he’s concerned. His first bite of a naked White Russian (sans frosting and decoration) garnered an “It’s good! Soft and light.”. The full on White Russian had him saying he felt slightly boozed up after. Seeing as he  ate the Collon on the cupcakes and finished the few I plopped on the plate for nice, I’ll take it Collon did good.

I loved the cupcakes but wasn’t a fan of the frosting. The Parentals liked the cupcakes too. The Mumsy actually said the cake flavour was good and seemed surprised that I managed to get the cake so moist. Like me, they weren’t big on the frosting. There was a certain someone who liked the frosting plenty though…

Hugo (my Poofball) went nuts for the Bailey's Cream Cheese frosting

This was a one-off thing. He wasn't allowed any chocolcate Collon though.

Collon makes a great topping for cupcakes. It adds dimension with crunch, is a perfect bite-size and seems a hit with both adults and children. The only thing to remember is to top just before serving or they go soggy.

Light, moist, soft and slight springy, these boozey cupcakes are definitely not for children.

White Russians shall be my DCM’s staple birthday cupcakes from now on. I’ll probably pair them with Bailey’s or Kahlua buttercream  instead of Bailey’s cream cheese frosting next time. I don’t think Bailey’s and cream cheese  should be friends…

White Russian lovers rejoice! Now you can literally have your cake and eat it too! All you have to do is order some from me!

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