If You’re Hoarding & You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Because I hoard, I discovered there was a whole de-boned chicken breast and half a chicken breast on the bone with a wing in the freezer early in the week. I randomly defrosted and marinated them. They came in handy when my DCM said he’d be home for dinner on Wednesday.

I pruned my basil plants the day before and had some leaves n the fridge. I was glad I saved them as they were used to cover the wing portion during roasting. The wings always burn before the rest of the bird cooks. This serves as a simple preventive method and flavour enhancer as the basil  imparts some of its herby goodness to the chicken.  A baby buttercup and some green grapes added more freshness to the meal. See recipe here.

Pasta salad can be healthier when you substitute yogurt for mayo. This yogurt dressing is also great as a cooling dip for spicy food or just to dunk vegetable sticks in. Vegetables, some quail eggs and buffalo mozzarella I found in the fridge joined the salad for added texture. I always have buffalo mozzarella in my fridge as it’s my DCM’s favourite. I decided to use it as it is a subtle enough cheese to go with the light yogurt dressing. See recipe here.

I reckon a clean plate and bowl are an indication that your food was good.

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