In Search Of The Perfect Chocolate Cupcake

Honestly, I’m not a fan of chocolate cake. I might get a very rare random craving and even then I won’t actually act upon it. But I know a lot of people love chocolate and because my cousin Winnie asked if I could make her some, I went on to search for and attempt to make chocolate cupcakes. 

I did not know how elusive a good chocolate cupcake recipe was! I tried three before I found one that was decent. Not ‘better than sex’ or ‘so amazing I cried’ but they didn’t sink like the first recipe’s (although the flavour was great) or not taste chocolatey (even though I added a lot of chocolate) and had a weird sticky texture like the second recipe.

This recipe is fairly easy to make, rose quite nicely, tasted relatively chocolatey and has a fluffy but sightly dense texture. It also does not contain butter and yields chocolate cupcakes that aren’t very sweet. This means, no guilt about the nommy Nutella Butter Cream Frosting I made to go with these cuppies! 

Then comes the back-breaking part. Frosting the cupcakes was relatively easy. It was individually applying the mini chocolate drops and heart sprinkles that was hard work. I tried using my fingers but they didn’t work very well. I also tried kitchen tweezers. Finally, I got a skewer, dotted it with the teeniest, tiniest amount of icing which acted as a sort of ‘magnet’ for the decorations and arranged them one by one on the cupcakes.

I had my DCM take them to work today as one of his colleagues is leaving the company. They were a hit!

I’ll shall continue in my quest for a better chocolate cupcake. These were chocolatey not chocolatey enough. There are so many recipes out there that there has to be one that is perfect. I must say though that working with cocoa powder is very annoying. That stuff gets everywhere! 

Hopefully the next batch I attempt will be better. See recipes here

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